About Us

Hermien Borman was a young dynamic entrepreneur chasing her dreams of becoming an inspiration for this world. She chased her dreams and she found it. Since 1995, she established and build the Que Couture brand throughout the beautiful suburbs of Bloemfontein. We all know that an organisation consists of multiple internal and external stakeholders, and Hermien sees and treats her employees as the most important assist of her organisation. “It’s the heart of the business”. As a result, we are celebrating Que’s 26th anniversary this year of 2021.

Moreover, Que’s Couture build their reputation as a strong foundation for more than a decade in the trust of the clientele as well as the suppliers. We believe in honesty and generosity among others. This stylish empire consist of contemporary fashion from clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that is hand chosen from the fashion capitals of the world. With three boutiques to date and a rapidly growing online store that are now launched in 2021, woman can freely express who they are with what they wear. And yes! Our clothes are setting trends.

Within the three branches located in Bloemfontein, there are more than 40 brands to choose from. Its delicate clothes for the delicate you! Whatever your style, whatever your taste, whatever the occasion we are here to dress you.